• Suche 113, 34-520 Poronin
    only 3km to Zakopane
  • SUCHE SKI Poronin : at the hotel
    HARENDA SKI Zakopane : 5km

Turnie Suche – Highland Adrenaline

For our Guests we have prepared original attractions. Feel the highland adrenaline and enjoy one of our trips.

White Madness and Off-Route Riding

Ski Tour Offer

Ski tour trips and off-route riding - Zakopane and its surroundings are the so-called "ski-tourers" mecca. White madness and climbing the peaks with your own strength. Put on specialist equipment and on the ski skins explore interesting places right next to the hotel. Be ready for a completely new skiing experience - racing down an unspoiled terrain. If you enjoy it, there is a possibility to organize trips to the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains. We work with the best ski tour, avalanche and ABC equipment rentals as well as with IVBV guides and TOPR rescue team members.
  • duration: 1 - 3 h/ trip 3 - 12 h
  • price: from PLN 100 per 1h / from PLN 600

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