• Suche 113, 34-520 Poronin
    only 3km to Zakopane
  • SUCHE SKI Poronin : at the hotel
    HARENDA SKI Zakopane : 5km

Turnie Suche – Highland Adrenaline

For our Guests we have prepared original attractions. Feel the highland adrenaline and enjoy one of our trips.

Winter Madness on Forest Paths and Open Glades


Snowmobiles - winter madness! Try your hand at forest paths and open glades. Feel the speed and adrenaline. Trips organized individually (max 2 people with an instructor). Each of them includes getting familiar with the equipment and the basics of riding. For the brave a ride with an instructor on one machine. Any brave ones?
  • duration: 1 h /trip 3 - 6 h
  • price: from PLN 250 / from PLN 500

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