• Suche 113, 34-520 Poronin
    only 3km to Zakopane
  • SUCHE SKI Poronin : at the hotel
    HARENDA SKI Zakopane : 5km

Turnie Suche – Highland Adrenaline

For our Guests we have prepared original attractions. Feel the highland adrenaline and enjoy one of our trips.

Nearby Streams and Rivers Will Be Yours

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Podhale. The nearby streams and rivers are full of life! Don't believe it? Take an expedition with our local master. All-day trip includes a lesson in the creation of artificial flies, lunch in the bounty of nature and a guarantee of catching local species under a watchful eye of a specialist.
  • duration: 6 h
  • price: from PLN 500

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